Welcome to my warren. My name is Connie Lapin.
But all my friends call me Bunny. I'm a married,
SAHB (stay-at-home bunny) and copywriter
who became an accidental crafter when I
wrote about lots of fun and wonderful craft
products for a very nice company.

As a novice crafter, I'm still a bit of a dumb bunny,
and am discovering "new" things every day...
well, new to me, anyway! Some of you talented,
experienced crafters will see that! 

I also collect all kinds of rabbit things, and am
working on photographing all my little bunnies
for my Rabbit Gallery. 
I get so excited about everything crafty and
rabbity, so I'd like to share my discoveries and
projects with you! And I'd love it if you would
share your tips, advice, and photos of your craft
creations here at theCraftRabbit! So, let's get
hopping, shall we?

A Little Bit About Me:
Favorite Songs: Do The Bunny Hop, White Rabbit,
Run Rabbit Run
Favorite Movies: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?,
Favorite Books: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,
Watership Down, Rabbit Run
Things I Like: Clover-filled meadows, straw hats,
salad bars, vegans
Favorite Food: Carrot cake
Favorite Performers: Eddie Rabbitt, Jennifer Warren,
Echo and the Bunnymen
Things I Don’t Like: Dogs, fur coats, owls,
Elmer Fudd, losing my hare

"Harvey" was a wonderful movie with Jimmy Stewart and a giant rabbit. 

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